WSN InstaChat

WSN InstaChat is an experimental new kind of chat where you can watch others typing rich text in real time. Installation is as easy as copying the files to your web server. Try it out.

Requirements: PHP 5+

Latest Version: 1.10, released July 1st 2019. First 1.00 release was November 7th 2012, 1.01 was in 2014. WSN InstaChat is free to use and free to modify and redistribute however you like.

Demo: Launch WSN InstaChat Demo (try using two different web browsers to chat with yourself)

Download: wsninstachat.zip

Installation Instructions: Extract to your desktop, upload the contents to your web server and then visit in your web browser. If your server runs apache as a different user than your FTP user then you'll also need to CHMOD the chatters subdirectory to 777 -- you'll know you need to do this if you get write errors. To test a conversation, open two web browsers (for example, both Chrome and Firefox) and use a different name in each.

Feedback and Support: Please use the WSN InstaChat Forum.

WSN InstaChat screenshot