WSN Webcomic

WSN Webcomic is an experimental PHP script which helps your website visitors to collaborate in creating webcomics. Anyone can start a new comic and anyone can draw a new panel for an existing comic. If you'd like to see this developed further, please say so.

Requirements: PHP 5

Latest Version: 1.01, released November 15th 2019 (1.00 was released May 13th 2014, 1.01 adds mobile friendly viewport). WSN Webcomic is freely licensed under the open source MIT license.

Download: wsnwebcomic.zip

Installation Instructions: Extract to your desktop, upload the contents to your web server and then visit in your web browser. If your server runs PHP as a different user than your FTP user then you'll also need to CHMOD the panels subdirectory to 777 -- you'll know you need to do this if you get write errors or the image doesn't show up when you save it.

Feedback and Support: Please use the support forum.

Demo: Launch WSN Webcomic demo