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Custom Pin Images, Reviews & Bootstrap 4
Apr 19, 2019 at 2:04 AM

Sometimes personalization is a big selling point. Instead of a map of generic pins, wouldn't it be nice to have a map of company logos, or other such images that convey more information in a glance? The latest WSN release allows this with the Admin -> Settings -> Switches -> "Addresses" -> "Map" -> "Custom logo map pins" option. When that switch is enabled, a "Small Logo" field appears for listings which allows submitters to upload an image that'll be used as their map pin. The image is automatically resized. If you want bigger pin images, simply resize templates/images_default/marker.png in your favorite image editor. The custom images will always be overlayed on top of the standard pin image, this alllows them to leave a few pixels of color from the standard pin at the bottom to signify open status or listing type.

Also in this release, the ratings w/review comments system gained review editing facilities. I've also done some bootstrap 4 prep work, making the main menu and all btn-secondary buttons compatible with v4. A lot more bootstrap work is coming soon, including hopefully an integrated SCSS editor/compiler to make customizing easier.

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