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File browser, page speed and fixes
Jan 29, 2019 at 3:56 am

Today's release has two major sets of new features. First, there's a suite of page speed tools on a new page speed settings page. Most of these tools were discussed in the last blog entry. I've been able to boost one of my WSN installations a 97/100 speed ranking on the google mobile site speed test with these page speed tools, with no significant adverse effects. Of course, they make it a pain to edit things so they ship off by default and should only be enabled when your site goes live and you're no longer changing it regularly.

There's also a new file browser tool. This is similar to cpanel's file manager, but simpler. It allows you to do some basic file editing / deleting / uploading without FTP. While it does make things easier for a hacker who has access to your admin account, a hacker who has access to your admin account already essentially controls your server -- so be sure to use a strong password, limit the admin permissions of other admins you can't be sure will use strong passwords to only areas they need, and consider IP restrictions.

I've also fixed an issue with some old version upgrades that was causing youtube embeds to have mixed content errors on https sites (this wasn't affecting most https sites, just those who originally installed certain old versions). Also noticed recently that the BB codes and smilies links in the comment message composition help were being blocked by chrome's popup blocker, so I changed them to open in full new pages... which also has the advantage of working on mobile, though it's not pretty.

Finally, I discovered that when WSN tries to download a remote web page (for whatever purpose) it was failing on gzip-compressed pages in some circumstances. I changed the curl code to handle gzip compression to fix this.

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