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10.3.31 = Fixes + More Speed
Jan 09, 2019 at 11:07 pm

10.3.31 contains a few more speed improvements, less drastic. It also fixes three little bugs:

When using the horizontal admin menu with a non-bootstrap front end theme, the menus weren't working because it wasn't including the bootstrap javascript. Important fix since it left people unable to navigate their admin after they install a new theme or change menu type in certain ways.

In the guided start, the settings page suddenly shrunk to a smaller size halfway down. Fixed the missing closing tag that was causing that.

In the listing bit, the conditional that checks whether the viewer has permission to email the listing was mistakenly <IF {THISHASPERMISSION[canemail]}>. I've corrected that to <IF {THISMEMBERHASPERMISSION[canemail]}>. Now the email link only appears in appropriate contexts, and this fix also speeds pages a bit because it removes the unparsed template variable. I discovered this problem when I was working on optimizing settingsreplacements and saw it was trying to process {THISHASPERMISSION as a potential setting. I've made this fix apply automatically to modified templates, since it's simple enough to do so, so you won't need to edit your customized listing bits.

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