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Flickr Streams
Jul 17, 2015 at 6:03 AM

Big changes in WSN Gallery yesterday. Youtube has completely dropped support for RSS feeds and hasn't introduced any equivalent searching mechanism in their much more restrictive api v3. Since youtube isn't playing ball and I'm unable to find any workarounds or third parties to generate youtube feeds, I've changed the feed focus over to flickr. WSN Gallery can now take a flickr search term from the submit feed page instead of a youtube search term. Unfortunate to have to make the change, but hopefully flickr will prove useful to someone, as they seem committed to their feeds.

Suppose you wanted to make a gallery site of animal photos. All you need to do now is create a category for each animal. In the cats category, submit a feed and use the search term (actually flickr tag) "
cats" and you'll get new cats automatically appearing every day. It's that easy.

Also fixed a template issue in WSN Gallery which was causing the columns to not align properly.

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