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Flowplayer and Openroute
Nov 29, 2018 at 11:07 am

When you upload a video to WSN and then play it on the listing details page, it plays through a javascript player interface called Flowplayer. Flowplayer is not actually included with the files of WSN, though. Instead, the javascript and CSS is referenced directly from flowplayer.org into your site. Partly this is because WSN is huge enough already, but mostly it's because Flowplayer is licensed under the GPLv3 and it's unclear what the legal implications would be if I distributed it (and I don't have money for a lawyer to find out). When picking WSN components, I normally choose MIT, BSD or LGPL licensed software because I know those licenses don't add any obligations for me to other code which I ship along side it, they only impact their own redistribution rights.

So anyway, normally it's no problem having flowplayer load from flowplayer.org instead of locally. But yesterday someone was having a problem with it because he was trying to play videos on a localhost installation on a computer that has no internet connection. In order to make it possible to use flowplayer without internet, I've added do-it-yourself support for a locally hosted version of flowplayer. All you need to do is save http://releases.flowplayer.org/6.0.3/skin/functional.css to jquery/flowplayerskin.css and save http://releases.flowplayer.org/6.0.3/flowplayer.min.js to jquery/flowplayer.min.js and then WSN will automatically use those local files instead of the flowplayer.org versions. This can also protect you in the event that flowplayer.org goes down, of course.

In other news, I've added openroute geocoding. Lots of redundant geocoding options now. We'll need openroute eventually for Open Street Map driving directions too. Since OpenCage provides a handy way to detect when the 2500 requests have been used, I'll make WSN automatically switch to openroute when OpenCage requires have been exhausted. Essentially you'll get 5000 geocodes per day now through the automatic combination of the two services. The latest order of geocoding precidence is: Geocodio for US/CA, OpenCage for other countries or if geocodio key not present, openroute if geocodio and opencage keys not present (or non-US/CA when opencage not present), and google if everything else is missing. I added clearer text warnings when you're using the shared keys, and set all preexisting sites to use the shared keys so if you want to avoid using particular services you'll need to go in and remove their keys. For the next release I'm adding another level of precidence where unique keys are taken as more important than shared keys. Yes it's all a bit complicated but it should work out to automatically getting the best possible geocodes without violating anyone's TOS.

Another recent chage was the addition of {THISLINK to complement {THISCAT. Just as you've been using {THISCAT to show or test for info about the current category in the wrapper (knowing that it'll be blank if not in a category), {THISLINK lets you show info about the current listing in the wrapper safe in the knowledge that it'll evaluate to blank when not showing a listing, unlike {LINK.

Also fixed an issue of the toplist generator admin page having a mangled visual style, though it worked fine.

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