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Link Checker Improvements
Feb 10, 2019 at 6:08 PM

10.4.2 brings some improvements to WSN's link checkers, especially the dead link checker. It now records and displays the time a listing was last found to be down, along with the number of times it has been dead. Should make it easier for you to see whether a link is definitely beyond hope or just experiencing some temporary downtime. There's a new "re-check" option so you can re-check selected links (re-check works for dead, reciprocal and content checks alike).

Also fixed some errors that were displaying when checking a site that has a bad SSL certificate. The bad certificates cause web browsers to advise people not to view the site and generally indicate an abandoned site, so I'm having it count them as dead.

Several other fixes also included. All the fixes will be backported to 10.3, some of them to 10.2.

Still running into some troubles with the new page speed tools on lesser-used internal pages. Hopefully I'll find all of those issues soon, meanwhile it's best to turn off the page speed options if your site is having problems.

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