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Link Checkers
Jul 03, 2015 at 11:43 PM

I've been giving the link checker utilities some long-overdue attention. Lots of code cleanup there. Instead of awkward top of page output, it now uses the regular redirect page. The interface is visually simplified, output is shown automatically but no action is taken until it brings you to the suspects page at the end (except for the duplicate checker). The suspects page is now a separate template instead of being kludged into the link checkers template. Duplicate titles are finally handled correctly. And there's a new option to demote failed reciprocators to regular listings, for sites where that's applicable. Unsuspending listings is now checkboxably easy too.

Take a look at these changes in 9.2.8 and 9.1.40 when they're out in a few days. They should make the link checking experience much less painful.

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