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Maps and 9.2
May 15, 2015 at 8:33 PM

Discovered that when you use more than one map on a page (yes, you can do that) WSN was trying to put the second map's pins on the first map. Fixed that in 9.1.25 which I then released. While I'm thinking about maps, here's a tip for how to show a map of any filtered set of listings you want on any WSN template: {FUNC_FILTEREDMAP[title LIKE '%test%' <,> auto <,> ORDER BY title ASC]} -- this example filters to titles containing 'test' and orders by title ascending, with an automatic zoom level selection. You can use any mysql filtering condition.

I noticed the navigation bit was using the overall site title when it should really be using the installation area title, changed that and added the {INSALLTITLE} template variable in the process. This affects any site where the WSN installation is one section of a larger website.

I'll be starting a 9.2 series soon. There won't be any immediate significant changes, just a chance to stabalize 9.1 and encourage those still using 9.0 to update to 9.1 and do some riskier stuff in 9.2.

Ran into the old file permissions problem on a client's server today: the server runs PHP as a different user than FTP, and the script was installed via autosetup, so whenever I opened a file via FTP into my text editor I wasn't able to save my changes. Deleting and reuploading files is a dangerous kludge (if I were to forget to CHMOD to 666 after doing that, then the site would be only partially able to update itself, which would eventually lead to it commiting suicide in a botched self-update). The best solution I can think of would be a simple one-php-file tool that acts as a file browser and text editor. I could upload that file via the WSN admin panel so that it'd be owned by FTP, and then use it to do the rest of the editing, then delete it when done. Anyone know of a good script for that?

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