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Jul 19, 2019 at 1:26 am

A quick round up of the changes in 10.4.29:
  • Fixed some sports in WSN Forum where it was saying "links" instead of "topics".
  • Fixed an error message on adding an event when using the alertify switch. The error appeared in the alertify modal because there was a call to updateattachments() which wasn't applicable for events since events don't have attachments.
  • Someone encountered a problem where an email notification was missing a line break, despite the line break being in the corresponding language item. My best guess so far is it might've been due to a discrepancy in types of line breaks, with email clients expecting the windows style return followed by newline instead of the unix simple newline. Mime emails already normalized to windows newlines, but I found that plain text emails do not appear to have been doing so, thus I applied the normalization to plain text emails in this release.
  • Another person set up a minimum age to register, but was using the quick registration option which hides the birthdate field, thus making it impossible to register. To prevent this scenario, I made the age requirement refuse to activate when quick registration is switch on and the quick registration switch refuse to be turned on when the age requirement is already set.
  • When reverting language items to standard in the admin, it has been annoying that it redirected back to a generic language page. I changed it so that it redirects to the search filtered version of the page, so that you don't lose your place and don't have to search again to continue.
  • Many websites in recent years have switched from HTTP to HTTPS urls. With that in mind, I added an option to the dead link checker to automatically update HTTP to HTTPS. It checks if there's a redirect or not found header, then tests if the HTTPS version exists, and if so applies it to the url, reciprocal url and rss feed url.
  • CloudFlare, in their infinite annoyingness, decided to use a completely different way than all other proxies to convey the user IP address. I added handling for them.
  • Someone recently accidentally deleted a large part of their website using WSN's antivirus tool, so I added a modal confirmation dialog when you click to delete something there.
  • Finally, there's now a switch option to specify the name of a location for listings with addresses. This is important because the name of the listing is not necessarily the name of the location. For example, the listing might be Subsidary Business but is located in ABC Corp's office building. Or the listing address might be a park, the title is something inside the park, and the location name is the park name.

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