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RSS Filtering and Javascript De-minification
May 12, 2015 at 4:57 PM

Some small tasks completed today:
  • When the filtering condition ownerid= is passed to the RSS feed without a member id, I've changed the behavior so that it'll show an unfiltered feed instead of an error. It seems some people have rssfeed.php?thecondition=ownerid={MEMBERID} or rssfeed.php?thecondition=ownerid={LINKOWNERID} links which were causing this problem (showing all the listings owned by a particular member or listing owner). If you have one of those links, the right way to solve it is to conditionalize the RSS link to only show when the id is present. For example, <IF {MEMBERID}><a href="rssfeed.php?thecondition=ownerid={MEMBERID}">{MEMBERNAME}'s RSS Feed</a></IF>.
  • Added a readablejs tweak and also changed so that when index.php?action=readablejs is loaded the script will write an un-minified javascriptheader.js file. For the moment at least, only the WSN-specific javascript is de-minified and the standard jquery/jquery ui remains minified. I needed this to debug some quirky javascript interactions between bootstrap and jquery ui. Found that the javascriptheader.js file was being rewritten on every admin panel view, fixed that to not happen until needed now, though the bad behavior didn't cause any problems except for in the debugging process.
  • Changed the ownership field text on the submit listing page so that it shows the current ownership as your member name if you're logged in as a member.

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