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By on Jan 17, 2019 at 3:57 AM

A month or so ago, I made a change to how the children of categories with special rewrite URLs set work. Previously, the children didn't take into account their parent's special URL -- since then, the children have automatically used their parent's special URL in calculating their ancestry path part of the URL. For example, if a category named "One, Two" has the special URL https://site.com/onetwo/ then a child URL is now https://site.com/onetwo/child/ whereas previously it would've becoming a numeric category URL due to the special character (comma) in the parent category name.

Turns out this had an unwanted effect in a certain situation. Someone was giving some of their top level categories special URLs of the form something.html, which resulted in subcategories being somethinghtml/child/, but they wanted the subcategories to be something/child/. To work around this, I just put in an exemption so that special URLs that contain .html are not considered by their children.

The major new feature in today's release is the zoom level constraints options on the maps settings page. Most of these options were previously available as tweaks, but the tweaks were incomplete and failed to explain the meanings of the zoom level numbers. You can restrict the range the auto-calculated starting zoom value will fall within, and you can also restrict the range the user can manually zoom to. Also elevated the coloredpins tweak to a setting. And elsewhere on the maps settings page, added some javascript to automatically hide options not available to OSM when using OSM instead of Google Maps.... btw it should be easy enough to make the zoom constraints and colored pins work with OSM if anyone lets me know that they're using OSM and would like those options.

In other news, I've finally redesigned the offers system to be fully mobile-friendly on the submit/edit page. This will not overwrite your current offers input html, only applies to new installs. I need to start thinking of a way t...

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