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By on Jan 23, 2019 at 2:20 AM

WSN has some page speed tools -- html minification, javascript minification, css minification -- but these tools are limited. While they combine many files into one, they don't combine every possible css/js file into one. While they handle most of the styles/scripts on most pages, they don't automatically handle every obscure page. And if you've added custom scripts/styles to your website that you found around the internet or wrote yourself, WSN doesn't make any attempt to combine or compress those.

Thus I've been working on a more complete and generalized page speed tool -- although it'll probably be more complex to operate and more prone to failing on unusual unforseen situations. This tool will be able to work in other scripts like wordpress or any php script with slight adjustment. A hook passes it the final output of the page, which it then parses to extract all stylesheet and javascript files. It builds minified caches of each css/js file at a rate of one file per page load, via an 1x1 transparent PNG image worker thread inserted in the page -- grabbing each interpreted URL (normalized for relative urls etc) via cURL/fopen. Once all of the page's css resources have been cached, it then combines them into a single cache file. Same for javascript. Then it replaces the first stylesheet reference in the page with the combined style cache, and the first javascript reference in the page with the combined javascript cache. All other style/javascript inclusions are removed from the page. Then the page HTML is minified for output.

In the process of building this, I discovered that WSN's modifyendoutput plugin doesn't actually modify the very end output -- instead, it modifies just before conditionals processing. Applying HTML minification there would break WSN conditionals, so I've added a new pluggable function modifyultimateoutput that processes at the very end.

Anyway, this page speed script is proving a lot more complex than it initially looked but I think I'm with...

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