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Twitter Feeds in Profiles
Mar 01, 2019 at 5:48 PM

Not too long ago, I added a twitter field for members to specify their twitter account. Given that WSN has had the facility to display twitter feeds for a long time (scripts.webmastersite.net/...tes/twitter-feeds-634.html) I decided today to make use of it by putting a twitter feed onto the view profile page.

Surprisingly, using the dynamic {MEMBERTWITTER} in the feed construct opener worked fine. I did discover that feeds were always displaying 5 items regardless of how many were requested, fixed that. Because people might enter their twitter handle as "wsnphp" or "@wsnphp" I also made {MEMBERTWITTER} normalize it to display without the @, which is what the feed needs.

The other, unrelated feature addition today is an option to include hidden items in bulk edit categories/listings in the admin panel. I also added number per page options to the filter area there. Theoretically I could also include the sort options with the filter but not sure if anybody needs that.

Finally, I removed the outer box from the view profile template. I did this because whenever there's a default box inside of a primary box in bootstrap it seems to cause the header text on the inner box to be white on white. And nested boxes don't look very good anyway.

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