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Validation Pagination, Translations and Annual Licenses
May 14, 2015 at 10:14 PM

Started today by digging into an old bug report of the pending listing edits page not showing pagination. In the process of fixing that, I also found that the page number from one pending tab was carrying over when clicking to a different pending tab, which was bad since there might not be a page 3 of attachments when there's a page 3 of listings. I've fixed that so it goes back to page 1 while switching tabs, and so all the pending validation tabs paginate (which most weren't before).

Spent this evening looking into free machine translation possibilities for language packs. Unfortunately the offer of free licenses hasn't enticed any human translators, which is understandable since there's so much text, so perhaps a rough machine translation will give people an easier starting point to work from. SDL's freetranslation.com seems like the best bet. I'll have to develop a way for it to translate only the text it's supposed to while leaving the item names, html tags, URLs, template variables and conditionals synax alone. That will be complicated and take a while so the fruits of these thoughts are probably a few months away.

I also integrated the bootstrap glyphicon for the admin panel help icons when using the bootstrap theme, improved the admin overview template messages for free version and trial version users, and fixed a few other minor issues. Hoping to get a few more fixes in and release 9.1.25 before I go to bed tonight.

On the business side, I finished rolling out the new annual licenses option and clarified the terms, namely that when an annual license isn't renewed your site stays active but loses support and updates. Since the free lite version with web hosting purchase offer hasn't attracted anyone, and the lite version in general seemed unpopular, I've changed the hosting offer to give a free year of the annual license instead.

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