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WSN 10.0.5 changes
May 06, 2016 at 9:12 pm (Edited May 06, 2016 at 9:13 pm)

Lots of changes in tonight's WSN 10.0.5 release.


I fixed a situation where sponsor type separation had been on by default when it shouldn't be, by disabling it for anyone who hasn't declared the sponsor types in the template. Fixed a bug with sponsor type separation where it wouldn't show sponsored results in a search if there were multiple sponsored types. Fixed the link checkers to not check unvalidated listings. Fixed the ability to disable automatic bug reports, which was only disabling one of the two types of bug reports before. Corrected some wording on updating passwords. Enforced automatic writing of .htaccess files for those who chose in long ago versions to disable automatic write, because managing .htaccess by hand is begging for site-disabling errors and the option to turn off auto-write hasn't been visible for a while anyway.

New Stuff

I've added a URL search to the admin search page, for your convenience in case you want to find listings by URL or parts of their URL. On the listing validation pages I've added the full path to the category so that there's no longer any confusion at a glance about what category the listing is in if your bottom level categories often have the same names. Added server-side thumbnailing of thumbshots, which means your thumbshot images (from pagepeeker or thumbshots.com) are now much smaller and load much faster.

Added a new tweak 'nomembersearch' which provides an easy way to disable the ability for people to search members, and also automatically prevented members from being able to search members when the 'can view member list' permission is turned off for their usergroup (these changes are useful for sites that use emails as usernames and want to avoid exposing email addresses to spammers).

Made some small changes to your paypal receipts for paypal sponsorships for your conveience. The receipt emails now include the sponsorship level description and the listing or member profile url. This makes it quicker for you to see exactly what the payment was for without the need to go to the review payments page.

Finally, for business directories, I've added some integration with Yelp. The new "social ratings and reviews" option at Admin -> Settings -> Social allows you to automatically include yelp's rating of the business, and a link to yelp's reviews, along side your site's ratings and reviews of the business. More social ratings may come later, let me know if you have a request.

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