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WSN Support

Support for WSN software.
Paid Scripts Support
Support for WSN Links, WSN Gallery, WSN KB, WSN Forum, WSN Classifieds, WSN Directory and WSN Software Directory.
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By risestar9999
05/01/18 - 5:09 AM
Free Scripts Support
Support for the free scripts: WSN FormEmail, WSN Redirector, WSN InstaChat, WSN Guest.
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By VoX
07/01/18 - 6:17 PM


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  1. Theme question by VoX in Free Scripts Support
    Loving the WSN, it works so well! But I have a small issue with the "default" theme. I haven't been able to find where to adjust the link text color. It's currently a light green color and I'l like to change it. But I couldn't find it in CSS or hard coded anywhere else. help, I'm sure it's in...
  2. Imagemap displayed on top level categories by risestar9999 in Paid Scripts Support
    i have a listing DB that has USA as a top level category and the US states as subcategories. I want to display an imagemap under the top level category only, that has links to all the various subcategories. I have the imagemap code and have tried pasting it into the "description" using the WYSIWYG e...
  3. Migrate from PHPLD to WSN Links by VoX in Free Scripts Support
    I'm looking to import my PHPLD links to WSN links. Is there a painless way to do this?
  4. Custom detail page per category by kevinsan in Paid Scripts Support
    Sversion: 10.1.17 I see these in Edit Category: Custom Templates: Display Listings: Wrapper: Submit Listing: Edit Listing: No Detailed custom page selection. How do I add a custom detailed page per category? I want the top category and sub categories to use the same custom detailed page.
  5. Specify CatID in toplist by kevinsan in Paid Scripts Support
    I would like to make a toplist with a specific category. Show latest 5 links in Category. Here is the toplist generated. How do I add the catid? For example - catid = 1. <!-- BEGIN TOPLIST 20202 --> links[,]catid;lastedit[,]5[,]descending[,][,][,]0[,]0[,]0[,]0[,][,]0[,]0[,][,]0[,][,][,][...