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WSN Support

Support for WSN software.
Paid Scripts Support
Support for WSN Links, WSN Gallery, WSN KB, WSN Forum, WSN Classifieds, WSN Directory and WSN Software Directory.
4,164 20,529 In Sort Saved Links
By Paul
10/31/19 - 5:00 PM
Free Scripts Support
Support for the free scripts: WSN FormEmail, WSN Redirector, WSN InstaChat, WSN Guest.
25 70 In Major Upgrade WSNLInks
By Paul
03/19/20 - 12:18 PM


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  1. Major Upgrade WSNLInks by lordi in Free Scripts Support
    Hello, sorry to post this, but seems i cant find anywhere that state or tutorial about major upgrade between version, especially WSNLinks right now, I use 10.4.x and i want to upgrade to 10.5.x, is it possible automatically? using upgrade button always redirect to login page if automatic upgrade is di...
  2. Sort Saved Links by sparkalina in Paid Scripts Support
    Is it possible to sort saved links by title in a top list? Currently, the choices are: idowning member idsortordersubmission timeguestuuidrandom Also: how does sortorder work from the user's point of view? Where would they sort their saved links so that the toplist for savedlinks shows the same order?...
  3. Insert Member's Latitude and Longitude by sparkalina in Paid Scripts Support
    I'm trying to load an iframe for a weather widget and before I get too deep, I was looking into support and the KB to see if there was a variable we could insert into a url string to grab the latitude and longtitude of the member's/visitor's location so that a proper location was obtained for a weat...
  4. WSN InstaChat image insert... by Marco1971 in Free Scripts Support
    PC - Firefox browser - you can drag a (little) image out a map into te text space and it works fine... other browsers (chrome...) have a security issue... Smartfoon (android) - i you'se the default theme - i don't see a way to insert a image... Is there a easy way possible to insert a image from the p...
  5. Testing the free WSN InstaChat script... by Marco1971 in Free Scripts Support
    (first sorry for my bad englisch) * is it a Iphone thing? Testing with a Iphone, no writer shows up to write, typ... * with Android phone you can't enter & start a new sentence. ... (all the words follow each other)? thanks in advance