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WSN Support
Support for WSN software.
Paid Scripts Support
Support for WSN Links, WSN Gallery, WSN KB, WSN Forum, WSN Classifieds, WSN Directory and WSN Software Directory.
4,154 20,498 In Support for Stripe.com
By Paul
03/27/17 - 10:33 PM
Free Scripts Support
Support for the free scripts: WSN FormEmail, WSN Redirector, WSN InstaChat, WSN Guest.
13 27 In How get this theme?
By Paul
04/12/17 - 12:48 AM


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  1. How get this theme? by owdcom in Free Scripts Support
    What is the name and where can I download this item? http://www.cipinet.com/
  2. No permission to see site section by jem1971 in Free Scripts Support
    Hi - Im using WSN Gallery free version and I cant seem to view listing photos when Im not logged in as an admin. That means public cant seem them. Im betting its a switch somewhere but I cant find it. Heres the error message: You do not have permission to view this section of the site. Thanks Jeremy
  3. Creating Private Categories & Links by jsfent in Paid Scripts Support
    I'd like to have an option for WSN Link website members to create categories that can be private or public, and for members to store links that they can choose to make private or public. It seems that the functionality may already be present in WSN Links, but it's not clear to me how to round u...
  4. Custom fields based on second categories. by CoolCanuck in Paid Scripts Support
    Hi. First off, I am a huge fan of this script. Thanks so much for your continued hard work. I am sorry if the solution is in the forum. I did conduct a search before posting. I'm having a problem with secondary categories not loading custom fields on the link edit and add page). (for example,...
  5. You already have an index file by osirs in Paid Scripts Support
    I’m doing a new install of 10.0.18. I had some old WSN files and directories but I deleted them. In trying to install with autosetup.php I get this error: You already have an index file at that location. If it's a WSN install and you want to replace it, uninstall it first by visiting http:/…/adm...