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Redirect after not fill required new link field

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Posted Dec 08, 2004 - 2:35 AM:

I Have problem.

I Create new template (link in my project <a href="suggest.php?action=addlink&custom=yes&TID=custom-mytemplate&catid={C ATID}" >. I insert new link field named "adress" to this new template as Required Field and I delete original field "url" (I used "url" in others templates as required field -option in Settings).

If user not filled my new field "adress", on page displayd text incomplet and redirect page to original templates, where is displayed again field "url" and is required it fill in.

Is any way, how create new template so, when visitor not filled required field "adress", page redirect to the same new templates (without original "url" fields) and then visitor fill in required field "adress" and all is ok.

Thank you!
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