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How many people use WSN Links?

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Posted Apr 14, 2007 - 12:34 PM:

About how many people do you suppose use WSN Links?

I was just curious to know what the user following is. I did a Google search and found a bunch of WSN Links sites using really old versions. I wonder why they don't upgrade, it's free isn't it?

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Posted Apr 16, 2007 - 5:15 PM:

It's impossible to make an accurate guess at free version users, unless there's a search engine which can show the number of results for a term only from unique domains. There are 1296 customers, but only 140 of those purchased in the past year and 570 have logged into the downloads area in the past year (290 in 2007), so I'm not sure how many are currently using it.

It's quite frustrating to me how many people never upgrade, since eventually they end up getting hacked while running version 3.00 or whatever, and then they blame WSN Links and write bad reviews about how insecure it is and tell everyone they know to avoid it. I suspect it comes down to two things:
1) Apathy. What they have does what they want so they don't understand the need to update. Same reason viruses infect so many computers that could've been protected by free updates.
2) People hiring others to make their sites. If a web designer did the install, the person who owns the site may not want to update. If the owner paid for template customizations at an hourly rate, and doesn't know HTML, they don't want to upgrade to a new series which can require redoing modifications, which becomes expensive for them.
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