WSN FormEmail

WSN FormEmail is a PHP form-to-email processor and autoresponder. Submit an HTML form to the script, and the contents of it will be emailed to you, with the option of sending a copy to the submitter or sending a custom autoresponse to the submitter. This is useful for all types of contact forms and information collection.

Use unlimited fields in your forms, with no configuration is needed for adding them. Simply create your HTML form and every field from it will be sent to you. An example HTML page of a form is included in case you're not sure of how to properly make a form.

Requirements: PHP 3+

Latest version: 1.31, released April 2 2020. Previous release was 1.30 on January 12th 2009. WSN FormEmail is now free for any useage, you may consider it as public domain.

Download: wsnform.zip

License: Licensed under the open source MIT license, you may freely modify and create commercial derivatives.


Here's an example of a form you could create:

The form, when submitted, would send this email to your email address:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Form Submitted: Some subject

[email protected] has filled out a form with this content:

Note: Some hidden note you want to attach.

Subject: Some subject

Message: Some message


Note that you could add any number of other fields and they would be included in the email.