WSN Redirector: Referrer Redirection Made Simple

Have you ever wanted to read the minds of your website visitors, see what they're looking for, and show them a page specially written to maximize chances of getting a sale? Now you can.

WSN Redirector's concept of redirect marketing is simple, yet powerful. When a visitor comes to your site, the browser HTTP_REFERRER value tells what page the visitor came from. This referring URL may be an article URL that contains the article title, some other page with a descriptive name, or a search engine link containing the keywords the person was searching for.

Important Note: Now that google uses HTTPS by default for almost everyone, the vast majority of search traffic doesn't transmit an HTTP_REFERRER value anymore. WSN Redirector can still be used for non-search-engine traffic and the remaining slice of search engine traffic.

Now, you can step in and take control. When the referring URL contains key terms, WSN Redirect Manager lets you redirect the visitor to an appropriate new page. When someone comes from a URL containing "free" you can show them a page of your free stuff. When someone comes from a URL containing "widgets" you can show them your widgets page.

Integration is a breeze -- all you need to do is insert a line of javascript into your pages. You can do this in the header/wrapper template of any content management system, shopping script, etc to quickly get all your pages handled. Service is available to do this for you.

Administration is also a breeze. There's no text file editing, no HTML or JavaScript knowledge needed. The graphical backend makes it easy to set up and manage your redirects.

Best of all, it's free.

Download Now

Here's an example of what the administrative interface looks like:

admin interface


Download WSN Redirector now and install it yourself for free.

  1. Download wsnredirector.zip and extract it on your hard drive. Note: If you get an empty or 1 KB file on download, you may need to deactivate programs such as Norton which can block you from downloading files.
  2. Upload the wsnredirector directory you've just extracted to be a subdirectory of your web root -- that's in public_html or www, normally.
  3. If suPHP isn't enabled on your server you'll need to CHMOD config.php, data.php and statsdb.sqlite to 666.
  4. Visit http://example.com/wsnredirector/ in your web browser (replacing example.com with your site) to set up your redirects. Check your stats tracker, like google analytics, to come up with redirect ideas.
  5. To integrate, place

    into the <head> section of your website pages. If you have PHP pages and the know-how to edit them, you can use <?php $origdir = getcwd(); chdir($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/wsnredirector/'); include 'phphandler.php'; chdir($origdir); ?> instead to eliminate the slight delay in redirecting.


When you buy full-service for just $69, you get: