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Coloring Pins by Open Status
Apr 08, 2019 at 5:57 pm

For those of you with business listings, you may be using WSN's open hours option. That lets submitters record the hours their business is open. You probably already know that you can make use of that data to alert your visitors when a business is currently open, using the {LINKISOPEN} template variable. For example, <IF {LINKISOPEN}>This business is open right now!</IF>.

But what about maps? When someone is browsing your maps of listings, it'd be nice if they could tell whether a particular one is currently open. You could edit a notice into the map pin HTML, but that would only show up after they click the pin. So, I thought, why not use the pin's color? Businesses that are currently open can be green while the rest stay the standard red.

In today's 10.4.13 Beta 1 release, the colored pins options at Admin -> Settings -> Maps have changed to enable this. You now have a choice between disabling colored pins, enabling them for distinguishing listing types, or enabling them for distinguishing open from closed. Supports both google and OSM maps. If you have the open hours switch off, of course, you only see the colored listing types option.

Other recently added options include a tweak to include not-yet-effective listings in display, and a tweak to filter what shows on maps by any sql condition (without affecting non-maps).

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