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Eliminating jQuery UI
May 29, 2019 at 7:17 am

One of the legacy annoyances with WSN's bootstrap themes has been the presence of jQuery UI elements. I built certain things in jQuery UI before I made the decision to support bootstrap, and it had the advantage of working with legacy themes as well as with bootstrap themes. But with bootstrap themes, it meant you had to deal with elements that didn't obey your theme, and you had to pick a jqueryui theme that came as close as possible to your color scheme. And even if the colors match, the style of jquery ui is incongruous with bootstrap.

So, the last few days, I've finally had time to convert all those jquery ui elements to bootstrap. That includes the login modal, the ad unblocker modal, the search all tabs, the admin validation tabs and the admin template editor help tabs. They all now use bootstrap's bootstrap.js javascript functions now, when you're using a bootstrap theme. When you're using a legacy theme, they still use jquery ui. Fortunately I was able to write the templates in such a way that the same template code works for both jquery ui and bootstrap, which should prevent any problems from arising for legacy theme uncustomized templates that auto-update.

The dropdown options menu was already using bootstrap's javascript for a while, because of how incongruous the superclick dropdown menus were. Instead of including the dropdown javascript WSN now includes the full bootstrap javascript, so you can freely use any bootstrap javascript features you wish and remove any custom includes of bootstrap.js you may have made.

Round up of other recent work:
- Rewrote the category selector / sitemap generation system so that it should work on sites with more thousands of categories than before.
- Added search refinements to the language editor, which makes it much easier to find the language item you're looking for.
- Added a member age requirement option for sites that want to require members to be 18+.
- Yet more bootstrap 4 support work including a tweak and flag that can be set in a theme's forceswitches.php. Still no glyphs for bs4 yet but it falls back to unicode icons properly where needed now. Thinking of switching all types of users to fontawesome icons in the future.
- Made the theme packager include subdirectories. This is very useful if you're working from a pre-made website template that includes a bunch of subdirectories, you can just dump all the subdirectories into templates/yourtheme/ and package/install that way.
- Added single sign on with LinkedIn now
- Working on a bootstrap 4 Flattern theme. I got it working for a particular site's case weeks ago, but of course adding every possible option into a theme and making that all fit and look right with any combination of options somehow takes a lot longer.
- Tons of fixes.

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