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Wordpress Toplist Shortcodes
Mar 31, 2019 at 12:45 AM

Many of you use wordpress. You're probably already aware of the WSN plugins for wordpress which automatically install a WSN script and integrate members and the header/footer/style and adds a link to WSN in the wordpress menu and provides access to the WSN admin panel from the wordpress admin panel. The latest feature addition for the WSN plugins for wordpress is shortcodes.

Shortcodes are the wordpress way of inserting complex structures with simple markup. The WSN plugins now provide a way to insert any WSN toplist into wordpress. Just wrap the toplist in [wsnlinkstoplist]toplist code here[/wsnlinkstoplist] -- changing wsnlinks to the applicable script (wsngallery, wsnkb, etc). This is a great way to show some WSN data direct in wordpress, even within a blog post.

If you already have the plugin, you'll need to re-download it and replace the file to upgrade it (if you have a version 1.10 or later that's seemless -- 1.0x versions were not upgradable becaused they stored data within their file). Then make sure the WSN script is updated to 10.4.9, and go to Admin -> Themes -> Toplist Generator to make the toplist.

- The shortcodes make an ajax.php call for their content, so they're not great for SEO purposes.
- The shortcoded toplists can't do pagination or 'live' toplist updates. If anyone needs those I can add them as a paid project.

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