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Reciprocal Checker

Title Reciprocal Checker
Description Only 33 pages are shown
Message Text Hi Paul, Not sure when you redone the site but the header looks nice man. When I do a check for 'Reciprocal Check' and it finishes it only shows 33 pages. When I add a link to our data base the last link on page 33 will drop off so its not showing all the links that we have in our data base. How can I get all the page links at the bottom of the page to show up? Also, once the Reciprocal Checker is finished it will only show 20 listing per page. How do I change that so I can get at least 100 listings to show up? I have checked the setting and dont see where I can change things so I had to come here to ask you for your help on this. Thanks, Ken
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Submission Date May 23, 2006 - 10:43 AM