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Title Custom Ratings
Message Text Hey Paul- Seems since the last upgrade my custom ratings no longer work properly- They are showing the {LINKRATINGSTARS} and not the actual custom ratings. So they appear to be all the same. The fields I added were tasterating, valuerating, cleanlinessrating, servicerating, and ambiencerating. <td height=15 width="33%" valign=top><h3>{LINKSTARS} <br />Overall</h3></td> <td width="32%" valign=top><h3>{LINKTASTERATINGSTARS} <br />Taste</h3></td> <td width="33%" valign=top><h3>{LINKVALUERATINGSTARS}<br />Value</h3></td></tr> <tr><td height=15 width="33%" valign=top><h3>{LINKCLEANLINESSRATINGSTARS}<br />Cleanliness</h3></td> <td width="32%" valign=top><h3> {LINKAMBIENCERATINGSTARS}<br />Ambience</h3></td> <td width="33%" valign=top><h3>{LINKSERVICERATINGSTARS}<br />Service</h3></td></tr></table> </td> www.eatupdesmoines.com/amer...ngers-pizza-25-thread.html
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Submission Date Jan 03, 2008 - 9:07 PM