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Detail page rewrite problem

Title Detail page rewrite problem
Message Text I have my detail page set like this {LINKTITLE}-l{LINKID}.html on setting->SEO, and modified the htaccess accordingly. So, before on 4.1.0 Beta8, the detail page was working correctly Your-Site-Name-lxxx.html After upgrading to 4.1.0, the new detail page becomes YourSiteName-lxxx.html no space between words. however this URL, Your-Site-Name-lxxx.html still working but not showing at 'Detials' on displaylinks page. I tired the default template (unmodified), this problem is still existed. Similar problem also happens on comment page, I set {LINKTITLE}-{LINKID}-Review-{PAGE}.html on admin, but showing YourSiteName-xxx-Review.html on displaylinks page. this is my modified part of htaccess
RewriteRule ^[-_/\+A-Za-z0-9äüößèà]+-([0-9]+)-Review-([0-9]+)\.html$ comments.php?rewritten=1&id=$1&page=$2
RewriteRule ^[-_/\+A-Za-z0-9äüößèà]+-([0-9]+)-Review\.html$ comments.php?rewritten=1&id=$1
RewriteRule ^[-_/\+A-Za-z0-9äüößèà]+-l([0-9]+)\.html$ link.php?rewritten=1&action=detail&id=$1
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Submission Date Sep 19, 2007 - 9:45 PM