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Error on Index.php

Title Error on Index.php
Description Only index.php seems to be affected.
Message Text Upgraded yesterday without issue, worked with the site after the upgrade then suddenly today I get this error on the home page of reellocations.com (It was reported to me) Fatal error: Cannot redeclare customattachformappends() (previously declared in /home/reelloca/public_html/dir/includes/addeditfuncs.php:8) in /home/reelloca/public_html/dir/includes/addeditfuncs.php on line 28 I tried going back one version of addeditfuncs.php with no success and placed the 8/24/2001 6.1.9 version back in the directory. I haven't touched the site since yesterday (upgrade to 6.1.9 and adding one link to the advanced search page). Odd. Trying to chase down the error while I wait for an email. Thanks!
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Submission Date Aug 25, 2011 - 8:10 PM