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Vote / Rating "Can edit link rating votes"
Not seeing edit link for "Can edit link rating votes" switch

Comments on Vote / Rating "Can edit link rating votes"

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Posted 04/08/19 - 11:53 PM:
Subject: Vote / Rating "Can edit link rating votes"
I've set up my site with the Link Ratings with Comments checked.

I'm able to submit and ratings with comment, but even though the user group has "Can edit link rating votes" checked for members and admin, I'm not seeing the edit rating link anywhere to place on my details page along with the person's comment.

I've been searching the vote.tpl template but I see nothing related to editing said rating.

Goal - to allow customers to edit their comments as if they were reviews.
I'm using the discussion thread portion as literally that, it's not for reviews, just discussing the topic of the link/article that's in the directory.


edit: I did just make sure all the settings were correct in the link settings on the back admin. That did open up the edit fields again (empty fields but I can edit that to reflect the current info).
However I noted the number next to the rating field on the toolbar went from 1 to 2 but there is only 1 rating/comment that's been made (by me). Wouldn't that still be a 1 since I'm just editing my comment/rating?
Edit 2: I see that I can't show the edit comment fields with current information from my previous vote sad.

Maybe I'll just go back to my original idea of adding a rating field to the discussion threads and call those reviews and not allow replies. Any thoughts to making the vote/rating comments section robust like the discussion section?

Edited by sparkalina on 04/09/19 - 12:18 AM. Reason: changed a setting in back admin

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Posted 04/09/19 - 12:04 PM:

Can edit link rating votes refers to the "Show Individual Votes" link below the rating on the listing details page. It gives them the ability to delete votes from that page actually, not edit I see.

The ability to change their own vote (rather than everyone's) is controlled by the vote settings at Admin -> Listings -> Listing Settings. But I don't believe that has any control over rating comments either. There's no current system for editing rating comments.

I'll look into adding an editing facility. I'm also going to change that toplist to exclude ratings that don't have any comment text, because it looks weird to me mixing commentless ones in with the textual reviews.

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Joined: Dec 20, 2001
Location: Diamond Springs, California

Total Topics: 61
Total Comments: 7854
Posted 04/09/19 - 1:32 PM:

The review edits are implemented now, at least in basic form, in 10.4.13 Beta 3 which I'm releasing presently. Be sure to update your vote template with the edit button (and last edit marker at bottom) that I added to the standard one. Let me know if you find problems with it.
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