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different date formats - how to change?

Comments on different date formats - how to change?


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Posted May 14, 2006 - 5:34 AM:

I use multilingual templates and I found the language settings for the date format (LANG_DATEFORMAT_COMMENTS) and (LANG_DATEFORMAT_REGULAR). I set them to %d.%m.%y
Are there any other settings?

I'm asking this because I still find some formats which are wrong. MAXTOTALONLINEDATE for instance shows the english date format (MM/DD/YY). And MEMBERREGDATE shows Month Day, Year

How can I change them all to my favorite date format (DD.MM.YY)?

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Posted May 15, 2006 - 1:45 AM:

Online date formats are under settings->members in english, I'm not sure if there's a multlingual language item.

For any date you can always custom-specify: scripts.webmastersite.net/w...stom_Date_Formats-323.html
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