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Filtering Templates and Default Avatars
Apr 28, 2019 at 3:27 AM

Today's latest 10.4.16 Beta 5 release addresses one of the biggest annoyances in my development workflow: locating templates that contain a certain thing. Maybe you want to find where a certain CSS class was used, where a template variable is used, or just where certain text you see comes from on an english-only site. Now you can.

At Admin -> Themes -> Manage Templates, use the "Filter to templates containing" box. All templates not containing the text you enter will be hidden when you click Filter (refreshless, so if you're in the middle of editing a template you won't lose anything). Empty the box and click Filter again to bring everything back.

For this purpose and because I had it in mind for a while anyway, I've converted the custom templates dropdown menu into an HTML list like the rest of the templates. This allows you to see them at a glance without clicking the selector, and to open a bunch of them at once in new tabs if you want to ctrl+click them.

Another new option at Admin -> Members -> Member Settings now allows you to show a default avatar for people who haven't uploaded an avatar yet. The default avatar is defaultavatar.png in your templates/images_themename directory. This can be useful if you need a placeholder in your design so that everything is the same size whether the person has an avatar or not.

I've also added a {LINKIMAGEURL} which allows you more design flexibility than {LINKIMAGE} (personally I needed {LINKIMAGEURL} in order to use the listing image as a css background-image rather than an HTML <img>).

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