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WSN 10.4 released
Jan 31, 2019 at 8:18 AM

I decided to start the 10.4 series today. Continuing the recent development strategy, 10.4.0 is identical to 10.3.36 and they will begin to diverge with 10.4.1. This means we can finally stablize 10.3 so that no new bugs are introduced to it from now on. If you've been running 10.3 with automatic updates turned off, this would be a good time to turn the updates on as they're safer now. If you've been running 10.2 or earier, this is the time to upgrade.

The 15 of you who purchased access to the 10.3 series have been granted free access to the 10.4 series and should have gotten an email to that effect by now. Everyone else remains on 10.2, which is now the legacy series. I'll send an email to those people soon, with a summary of 10.3's advancements.

To those still running 10.1 or earlier, please upgrade to at least 10.2 ASAP because your site will become very buggy and potentially more difficult to upgrade as soon as your web host updates your PHP version to 7.1+ -- which will be soon, since older versions of PHP are being retired and will no longer get security updates.

Currently, the WSN versioning scheme looks a lot like Apple's Mac OS X versioning. In the future, I may switch over to a simpler scheme like Chrome and Firefox where each series is a new major number like 11, 12, etc.

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