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Insert Member's Latitude and Longitude

Title Insert Member's Latitude and Longitude
Description Insert user's coordinates to show weather for instance.
Message Text I'm trying to load an iframe for a weather widget and before I get too deep, I was looking into support and the KB to see if there was a variable we could insert into a url string to grab the latitude and longtitude of the member's/visitor's location so that a proper location was obtained for a weather map (in this example). This is my url string loaded inside the iframe: (currently set for NYC) embed.windy.com/embed2.htm...Temp=default&radarRange=-1 I see {MEMBERIPCITY} and {MEMBERIPCOUNTRY} are available but this is not helpful for this weather widget (which is the best imho), could you send me a quote or let me know if you plan on including lat and long as a variable in the future? Thanks!
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Submission Date Oct 27, 2019 - 6:20 PM