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WSN Links as WSN Forums Thread

Title WSN Links as WSN Forums Thread
Description How to use WSN Links Links as WSN Forum Threads
Message Text Hi! I am using WSN Links for 3 years at http://kitaabghar.com/dir/ and WSN Forums at http://kitaabghar.com/forum/ for 2-3 months. I have been using WSN Links as "Books Catalogue" for my online library of urdu books. Now I have setup WSN Forums to provide a place for my readers so that they can discuss and share their views. As I have more than 200 books / links, I want to integrate them in WSN Forum. For instance: The WSN Link Title will be the Title of The WSN Forum Post The WSN Link Description will be actual thread / post of the WSN Forum The WSN Link comments will be the comments of WSN Forum Link. The WSN Link submitter will be the writer of the WSN Forum Thread The WSN Link commentator will be the commentator of WSN Forum Thread. I hope it is possible easily and Mr. Paul will provide some solution smiling face Hasan
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Submission Date Jun 13, 2007 - 8:41 AM